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Passionately building the technology for eco-friendly farming and manufacturing since 1962. 

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Perfect warmth ​

Chose amongst natural gas / LPG  hot air generators for the agro-zootechnical use as well as hot water unit heaters for all sectors. Keep your temperature on point in greenhouse, poultry, pigs, cattle and other animals and livestock farms.


High efficiency adiabatic coolers

The ideal water-powered cooling for industrial spaces, animal farms, and greenhouses. Integrated systems with evaporative panels and circulators with water nebulizers for sheds and stables. 


Humidify in the most efficient and ecological way​

The best centrifugal humidifiers suitable for working in any type of environment, even the most demanding. Water misting combined with fans to humidify and cool sheds, livestock and greenhouses.


Powered ventilation and air circulation​

Axial fans, air extractors and circulators, ideal for large spaces, industrial and agro-zootechnical uses in all environments. The air exchange machines are designed specifically for large airflows and extreme conditions. 


Natural ventilation, air exchange and insulation​

Tailor-made polycarbonate windows for natural or mixed ventilation in greenhouses, industrial venues, and farms. Perfect for both industrial and civil use, and the air exchange systems come in manual and automated versions.

Customer Services

Improve your production output and manage your farm, greenhouse or factory like a pro with the tailor-made support from industry experts.


Need help? We got your back. Enjoy the availability of a personal team of technical and commercial experts ready to support you.


Looking for the best way to reach maximum efficiency in your productive system? We help you find the right products for your environment and needs.

Design & Planning

Building a facility from scratch? Let us guide you through with our 50+ years of design & engineering expertise in creating integrated systems.


All our machines and products come with full warranty by default. 
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Reduce your farm, greenhouse or factory carbon footprint while saving up to 50% of your electricity billing.


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