Bringing humans and nature together.

Since 1962 we passionately invest in the research, development and production of HVAC machineries for farming and manufacturing industries.
Our headquarter is located in the province of Cuneo, enjoying a first-row view on the Italian Alps and a close connection with the heart of Europe and the World.

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A story that began over 50 years ago...


Primo and Emanuele Franco set up in Ceva the company CIMI S.n.c., manufacturer of air handling units and air distribution ducts.


CIMI S.r.l. settles in Cervasca, with new headquarters and buildings.

The company merges with Tecnoimpianti.
The newly formed entity, Tecnoimpianti S.r.l. firm begins to specialize in the production of machineries for climate control, with particular attention to the agricultural and zootechnical sector.


Primo Franco dies prematurely, the companies’ activities continue with his son, Alberto.


The company takes on its current configuration and turns into Franco S.r.l., through the addition of external resources.

To date, Franco S.r.l. continues to invest in development and manufacturing of machinery for HVAC industry.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

At Franco we strive to be the best at what we do. Our being professional flows from the early machine manufacturing processes all the way down to the final customer assistance. Our products and services are reliable and built to last.

Innovation & Creativity

We believe the future is built by trying again and again and again. Innovating through creativity and experimentation is our daily routine. Contributing to the research, development and spread of new technologies is part of our DNA.

Change comes through audacity.

We believe making a better world passes through courageous decisions and audacity. We value long-term vision over short term results.

Customer Obsession

Our world is a unique place where humans and nature bind together. We prove that empathy is key with our actions and attention to details. We always maintain an humble view of things and we relate with our supply chain and customers in the most transparent, kind and generous attitude.

Quality Assurance

We settle for nothing but the best. Our production chain is checked and reviewed systematically to ensure every piece is running smoothly and built to last.

Franco industry
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