The best climate for hothouses and indoor crops

Greenhouses are spaces in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. Since hothouses can host different types of plants with very different needs, temperature and humidity control are fundamental as they are key variables for the growth and development of all crops. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully choose the most suitable air treatment machines according to the type of cultivation and the need for cooling, heating, humidification, or ventilation.


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Ecotech equipment for climate regulation in greenhouse


Hot water powered heaters for indoor plantations.


Professional centrifugal humidifiers for indoor crops production.


State-of-the-art adiabatic coolers for small and large hothouses.

Fans & ventilation

All sizes fans and ventilators for greenhouses air exchange and circulation.


The right temperature for your greenhouse

In order to heat your greenhouse in the best possible way, several factors must be considered: the nature of the crop, the type of greenhouse, and the geographical area in which it is located. All of these variables are fundamental in assessing which solution is the most effective in ensuring the highest productivity yield from the crop. Depending on whether you have hot water or gas, a range of machines will be available to meet your heating needs while optimizing energy consumption.

Heating Solutions

Franco G series poultry
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Perfect humidity level at all times

During the summer season, or any other time of excessive warmth, it is very important to increase the humidity in the air to allow a decrease in transpiration of the leaf apparatus and evaporation of water from the soil bringing benefits to the cultivation. In some cases it may be even useful to spray products or solutions for the well-being of the cultures. Our range of centrifugal humidifiers is very well suited to this practice as well as ensuring optimal humidity control.


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Cooling solutions for greenhouses

When temperatures are too high, it is necessary to lower them to avoid damaging the crops and have a negative reflection in the final production outcome. To solve this problem and ensure the best growth and yield of the indoor plants, it is necessary to rely on efficient and ecological systems such as adiabatic cooling. Depending on the type of plants, systems with nozzle misting or cellulose evaporative panels can both be used to achieve and maintain a constant ideal climate.

Cooling Solutions

Franco Pad cooler evaporative cooling greenhouses industry
Franco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)

Air circulation and ventilation for greenhouses

In a greenhouse, air exchange is a very important factor in maintaining the right climate and air values around the room as a whole. Thanks to the replacement of warm air with a cooler air mass, it is possible to evacuate a large part of the heat overload by reducing the temperature, changing the humidity and the CO2 concentration. Natural or forced ventilation can both be used for air recirculation and exchange. The ventilation system must be chosen according to the type of cultivation and the characteristics of the structure.


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