Other cultivations

Microclimate for mushroom, germination chambers and produce storage

For certain sectors, special climatic environments are needed to avoid damaging production and ensure high-quality standards. Depending on requirements, it may be useful to control humidity, cool, heat, or ventilate to create the perfect climate. A series of machines and solutions are available to meet the many requirements of different applications.

Indoor cultivations

Mushroom cultivation • germination chambers • storage of fruits and vegetables

Equipment for mushroom cultivation and produce stock


Hot water powered heaters for all environments.


Professional centrifugal humidifiers for indoor use.


State-of-the-art adiabatic coolers for small and large venues.

Fans & ventilation

All sizes fans and ventilators for air exchange and circulation.


Perfect climate for your germination rooms

In some indoor cultivation environments, such as germination chambers, it may be necessary to raise the temperature. Depending on the heat needs of your crop and the availability of energy (natural gas / LPG or simply hot water), our machines can help you reach and maintain the ideal climate at all time.

Heating Solutions

Franco G series poultry

Constant, ideal humidity levels

Humidity control is essential for delicate crops, such as mushrooms, and for potato storage where a specific microclimate is required. This can be achieved thanks to a range of humidifiers that meet your need to humidify in an economic and ecological way.


ranco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)

Perfect cooling for the storage of fruits and vegetables

Excessive temperatures can cause damage to crops and other productive processes. To solve the problem and reduce excessive heat, the best solution is to opt for an adiabatic cooling system. Depending on the type of system in the facility, either misting or evaporative cellulose panel systems can be used to provide environmentally friendly and efficient cooling.

Cooling Solutions

Franco Pad cooler evaporative cooling greenhouses industry
Franco Nebbia cooling cattle

Fans and natural ventilation for mushrooms & produce stock

For the need of air recirculation and exchange, you can resort to natural ventilation with automatic windows and domes (where present), or to forced ventilation which consists in conditioning the environment thanks to the installation of extractor fans, able to guarantee the required air changes according to the crop or process.

Franco ventilation series k extractor greenhouses
Franco k series circulators ventilation animal farms cattle
Franco windows NW Series animal farms ventilation
Franco ACF - Circulators Agriculture Greenhouses
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