The best climate for cattle breeding

The microclimate in barns strongly influences the well-being and milk production of cows. Temperature, humidity, and air exchange are fundamental factors that must be taken into account in order to make the shed a cool and comfortable environment and to guarantee the maximum productivity of your herd.


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Equipment and solutions for cattle farms


A complete range of adiabatic coolers.

Fans & ventilation

Natural and forced ventilation systems.


Efficient and durable hot water heaters.


Ideal cooling for dairy cows breeding

Excessive heat can cause significant productive and economic damage to your cattle operations. Modern genetics of dairy cows and buffaloes have led to higher milk production but have made them more sensitive to summer heat. Prolonged exposure of cows to heat results in a significant deterioration in their reproductive and productive performance. To bring down the high temperatures in dairy cow farms in closed sheds with forced ventilation, evaporative panels are installed on one side and large capacity fans on the other. In naturally ventilated open barns, air movement fans combined with centrifugal humidifiers or nozzles are used.

Cooling Solutions

Roof Cooler

Adiabatic cooler with evaporative panels ideal for large rooms.

Franco Pad cooler evaporative cooling greenhouses industry

Pad Cooler

Compact units and customized systems for evaporative cooling of livestock farms.

Franco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)


Ultra-fine high-pressure mist for outdoor environments and livestock farms.


The UCP centrifugal humidifier combines perfectly with medium and large fans to humidify and cool farms.


The ideal air exchange for your cattle

Depending on the time of year and the different temperatures, different air velocities are required. In the summer period, a higher airspeed is necessary to accelerate heat loss by helping the hot and humid air in the barn escape. In the winter period, lower air velocities are required to avoid causing harmful heat loss in the animal, especially dairy cows, being very sensitive to cold air currents. Thanks to cone extractors for large rooms in forced ventilation, air circulators combined with centrifugal humidifiers or nozzles, you can guarantee the best conditions for your animals.


Franco K Series - Extractors poultry houses-

K Series Extractors

Large extractors for farms, greenhouse sheds and industries.

Franco k series circulators ventilation animal farms cattle

K Series Circulators

Large circulators for greenhouse farms, sheds and industries.

Franco ACF - Circulators Agriculture Greenhouses

AC Circulators

Cylindrical air circulators for farms, greenhouses, sheds and industries.


The importance of heating in calves breeding

In colder seasons, especially in milking parlors and sheds with calves, it may be necessary to install a heating system to ensure maximum productivity of the animals and prevent their health from suffering. Depending on the energy available, whether hot water or gas powered, a series of machines are ideal and to ensure the right heat for your cattle.

Heating Solutions

Franco G series poultry


The best direct exchange natural gas or LPG hot air generators for farms and greenhouses.


Water-powered air heater for heating and cooling farms, greenhouses and industrial environments.

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