The ideal climate for pigs

In an intensive livestock farm, perfect air ventilation and heating system are essential for the welfare of pigs. Air exchange, temperature, humidity, airspeed, and air diffusion have a significant influence on growth, mortality, and fertility rates of swines. A range of products managed by a single control unit is the answer to maintain the right climate inside the farm.


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Solutions for intensive pigs breeding


Gas generators and hot water heaters.


Adiabatic coolers for gestation and delivery rooms.


Portable and fixed nebulizers for the sanitization of livestock farms.

Fans & ventilation

Natural and forced ventilation systems.


The importance of temperature in pigs weaning

High temperatures are required in both delivery and weaning rooms. To maintain these conditions in cold or winter climates, the solutions is a series of gas generators and hot water heaters built with materials suitable for pig farms. From anodized aluminum thermal strips for walls, ceilings, and nests to unit heaters and the latest generation of gas heaters, there are many solutions to combine with your ventilation system.

Heating Solutions

Franco G series poultry
G Series
Natural Gas / LPG
100% Yield
Stainless steel body
G Max
Natural Gas / LPG
100% Yield
Exterior installation
AP Max
Hot water powered
Cataphoresis' exchanger
Vertical or horizontal

Perfect cooling for delivery and gestation rooms

The genetic improvement in the last 30 years has definitely led to extremely prolific sows and pigs with a high growth rate but, at the same time, it has made them much more sensitive to climatic variations. For this reason, cooling systems in farrowing and gestation rooms have become essential. From centrifugal humidifiers to mist systems, to the latest generation of compact evaporative panel machines, these are the ideal tools for sows, gestations, and boar centers.

Cooling Solutions

Roof Cooler
Compact Unit
Roof or wall installation
Franco Pad cooler evaporative cooling greenhouses industry
Pad Cooler
Modular System
High efficiency
Integrated tank
Franco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)
Low Cost
Indoor installation
Franco humidification cooling UX
UX and UF
No nozzles
Easy to install

Sanitizing for pigs and swine environments

In order to keep the bacterial load inside the pig sheds low, enzymes, disinfectants, and other products can be sprayed in combination with water. A range of portable and stationary nebulizers are available and specifically designed for farms. In addition to disinfecting, they can be used for cooling and end-of-cycle in-depth cleaning.


Easy to install
No nozzles
Portable Humidification
4 Models
Easy to maintain
u series cooling franco
UX and UF
Double engine
Easy to install
No nozzles
Franco Nebbia cooling cattle
Low Cost

Fans and natural ventilation for pigs sheds

Each phase of pig breeding, from farrowing to fattening, requires different temperature, humidity, and air exchange settings. From natural ventilation with automatic windows and domes to mixed ventilation and forced ventilation systems, a wide range of fans and solutions for each phase.


Franco K Series - Extractors poultry houses-
K - Extractors
56" cone version
Customizable diameters
Certified Performance
Franco Serie K - Circolatori allevamenti bovini-
K - Circulators
Perallunam Fins
Customizable diameters
Stainless steel versions
Franco windows NW Series animal farms ventilation
Manual or motorized
Easy to install
Top Efficiency
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