Perfect climate for poultry houses​

Attaining and maintaining a stable and ideal climate inside of your chicken farms is essential for a healthy and balanced livestock growth. From chickens to laying hens, we provide several innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for their wellbeing and for the most productive breeding environment.


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Ecotech equipment for poultry farms


Natural gas and hot water powered heaters for poultry houses.


Wide product range, from centrifugal humidifiers to nozzle systems.


The full product line of state-of-the-art evaporative systems.

Fans & ventilation

Large-diameters fans for all kinds of poultry farming.


Heating for chicken hatcheries and broilers

Hot water or gas-powered heaters to warm up chicken and other poultry hatcheries, broilers, and rooms. Our environmentally friendly machines can rapidly get your spaces up to the warmest air temperature desired, which in some cases may need to reach up to +35°C to ensure optimal climate conditions. Because of the need for such warm temperature, the installation of a heating plant is required at any latitudine. Furthermore, heaters must be fast and seamlessly integrated with the ventilation system and the chosen air inlet. Efficient heating means chickens wellbeing, well-spread warmth and dry bedding. The right climate, in fact, means lower mortality throughout the breeding life, rapid growth and excellent conversions.

Heating Solutions

Franco G series poultry


The best direct exchange natural gas or LPG hot air generators for farms and greenhouses.


G Max

The direct exchange hot air generator powered by natural gas or LPG, ideal for heating poultry sheds.

Franco Heating Fan Hot Water

AP Max

The hot-water aerotherm designed to heat and move air in chicken sheds.


The right humidification for poultry breeding

The air temperature and humidity are of primary importance for the egg and chicks healthy breathing. Discover our full series of centrifugal and adiabatic humidifiers, able to increase the well-being and productivity of your chickens throughout each of their breeding phases. The right equipment for each type of venue, matching and combining existing or new ventilation systems.


Franco UCP umidificazione allevamenti serre


The UCP centrifugal humidifier combines perfectly with medium and large fans to humidify and cool farms.
Franco UCP Fly cooling humidification


The UCP Fly humidifier is a compact unit that ventilates and humidifies air with low cost and consumption.


The UCP humidifier combined with a steel circulator provides maximum flexibility of use in humidification and cooling.


Cooling for poultry farms

In certain climatic conditions it is essential to cool the poultry sheds’ air and maintain a perfect climate for all animals. The most efficient system is one that exploits the evaporation of water with evaporative panels which, associated with a great movement of air, lowers the temperature surrounding the chickens and laying hens.

Cooling Solutions

Roof Cooler

Adiabatic cooler with evaporative panels ideal for large rooms.

Franco Pad cooler evaporative cooling greenhouses industry

Pad Cooler

Compact units and customized systems for evaporative cooling of livestock farms.

Franco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)


Ultra-fine high-pressure mist for outdoor environments and livestock farms.


Fans and natural ventilation for poultry

Correct air exchange is extremely important for the growth of turkeys, guinea fowls, and all avian species. To obtain the best climate in your farm, you can choose between the longitudinal (ventilation tunnels), crossed (cross ventilation), or mixed (combi ventilation) ventilation systems.


Franco K Series - Extractors poultry houses-

K Series Extractors

Large extractors for farms, greenhouse sheds and industries.

Franco Serie K - Circolatori allevamenti bovini-

K Series Circulators

Large circulators for greenhouse farms, sheds and industries.

Franco Circuladore acf ventilacion

AC Circulators

Cylindrical air circulators for farms, greenhouses, sheds and industries.

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