Sustainable and energy-efficient cooling solutions for small, medium and large spaces. Our direct and indirect evaporative water coolers are perfect to keep the right climate in greenhouses, animal farms and industrial environments. 


Adiabatic evaporators to ecologically and efficiently cool large spaces.

Roof Cooler

Adiabatic cooler with evaporative panels ideal for large rooms. It can be installed on both walls and roofs.

Win Cooler

For small/medium-sized venues and spaces, the wall-supported adiabatic cooler.

Pad Cooler

Compact modules and tailored systems for evaporative cooling of commercial industrial sheds, animal farms, and greenhouses.


Low and high pressure nebulization for all sectors.

UX and UF

The centrifugal humidifier UCP combined with a galvanized steel circulator (UF) or stainless steel (UX) guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use in humidification and cooling.


The UCP centrifugal humidifier couples ideally with fans of medium and large size for humidifying and cooling industries, farms, and greenhouses.


High pressure powered fine fog for outdoors and large farms.

Not sure about what solution can better fit your needs? Let us guide you through the best ways to cool your animal farms, greenhouses and industrial spaces.

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