Hot water heating

AP Max

Hot water heater with an easy-to-clean heat exchanger and a powerful circulator for perfect air diffusion. The materials used to build the AP Max make it suitable to be installed in every type of farm, greenhouse, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

AP Max

Heating for large spaces

Versatile installation

The AP Max can be installed in a horizontal (jet-type fan) or vertically. It also comes with a diffuser plate to ensure uniform heat distribution.

Great power for large venues

Thanks to a thermal power ranging from 50kW to 80kW, the AP is perfect for heating large environments.

Perfect circulation and destratification

The power of its fan makes the the AP suitable to operate as a destratificator and or circulator with or without heat generation.


Materials that make the difference

Polypropylene frame with collection tank and condensate drain. The exchanger with thicker fins and wider spacing allows for easier cleaning. The state-of-the-art cataphoresis treatment makes this machine perfect for use in harsh environments.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Ecologic (built with recycled materials)  
  • 10 models
Technical specs
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