Centrifugal Humidifiers

For all your humidification needs, different models to suit various environments and conditions. Ecological, robust and cost-effective.


The UCP centrifugal humidifier couples ideally with fans of medium and large size for humidifying and cooling industries, farms, and greenhouses.

UX and UF

The centrifugal humidifier UCP combined with a galvanized steel circulator (UF) or stainless steel (UX) guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use in humidification and cooling.


The UCP Fly humidifier is a compact unit that ventilates and humidifies the air at low power consumption and costs.


The PH is the professional plug&play humidifier that produces a fine mist of superior quality.

Portable Humidification

For your sanitation, humidification and cooling needs, a series of plug and play mobile machines with tanks.

Not sure about what solution can better fit your needs? Let us guide you through the best ways to humidify your animal farms, greenhouses and industrial spaces.
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