Portable humidification

The UX, UF, and UCP Fly (with two possible different trolleys) humidifiers are available in the portable version. Thanks to the special trolleys where the tub is applied it is possible to move the machines around according to different needs. These machines are ideal for humidification, cooling, and sanitizing all types of environments.

Mobile Humidification

Bring the mist wherever you need it

Humidifiers and portable coolers

With tanks ranging from 40l to 150l, no connection to a water outlet is needed, and the machines can be moved from one room to another.

Safety and air hygiene

Suitable for spray products, sanitizers, and disinfectants for commercial and industrial premises.


A complete range of portable humidifiers

A series of versatile machines used for dust reduction, deodorizing in waste treatment, sanitization of the environments, humidification and cooling. Models come in stainless or galvanized steel, and plastic.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to move
  • Flexible models
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