CentrifuGal Humidifier


The PH is the professional humidifier that produces superior-quality fine mist suitable for small rooms and spaces. Thanks to its structure, it can be placed on the ground or clamped to the wall. It finds application in cellars, cold stores, dairies, germination rooms, hatcheries, and in the manufacturing of wood, paper, textile, and tobacco.


The finest fog for demanding environments

Choose your fog

Three models PH3, PH5, PH7 with different atomization capacity to guarantee the right humidification according to your needs.

Plug & Play

Thanks to its structure and to the supporting brackets, you can use it on the ground or hanging on the wall ensuring maximum versatility in all environments.

Canalized airflow

The PH 5 canalized version comes with a rounded delivery port that allows you to connect a tube for conveying the fog where necessary.


For small environments with high demands

With a single engine, PH atomizes up to 7,5 l/ h with an airflow rate of up to 390 m3/h. It is constructed of plastic materials that provide strength and durability over time.

  • Ecological
  • Economic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Versatility of installation
Technical specs
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