CentrifuGal Humidifier

UX and UF

UX is an integrated machine with stainless steel body suitable for humidification and cooling of stables, greenhouses, industries, and the harshest environments. Four models are available for medium and large-sized spaces. The UF is a UCP coupled to a galvanized circulator, this makes it a humidifier / cooler for efficient and economical greenhouses and medium to large environments.

U Series

Two engines, three functions


Keeping the humidifier off, the machines of the U series enliven the air in greenhouses and broilers.


Atomizing water and other products used in agriculture (greenhouses and plant preservation), animal husbandry (incubators, hatcheries, and broilers), and manufacturing (paper, tobacco, textile, and wood).


The air flow and atomization make it an excellent cooler for greenhouses, pig farms, and cows stables.


A complete machine for many applications

The U series is available in 5 different models in diameters from 56cm to 72cm and with airflow ranging from 6600 m3/h to 15500 m3/h.

  • Easy to clean
  • No nozzles needed
  • Resistant & durable
  • Easy to install
  • Double engine
Technical specs
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