CentrifuGal Humidifier


The UCP is a versatile humidifier to match with fans of small, medium, and large size. Based on its pairing it can operate as a humidifier, an evaporative cooler, or disinfectant machine. The plastic materials with which it is built make it easy to maintain, robust, and suitable to work in multiple environments, including the most burdensome. Great for humidifying incubators and hatcheries, or for cooling livestock spaces and animal farms.  Ideal to maintain a constant humidity level in environments such as fridges, cooling rooms, maturing warehouses, paper industries, tobacco, wood, textile companies, and ATUs. When coupled with air circulation, it is used in greenhouses, mushroom farms, germination rooms, local fruit & vegetable preservation, as well as spray solutions circulator.


One nebulizer for all machines

Much more than a humidifier

Combine it with any existing fan to humidify, cool, disinfect, suppress dust, spray enzymes... you name it!

Compatible with most systems

Thanks to a series of supports, you can install the UCP series on virtually any existing circulatory or fans system.

Efficiency under low pressure

UCP does not require high pressure and nozzles, thereby avoiding most of the problems due to wear caused by water and limestone.


The best humidifier for all needs

The speed of the rotating hard disk (2800 rpm / min), together with the numerous sharp edges, produces mist (up to 40l/h) with 180W of electric power. The degree of protection (IP56) and the thermistor make this machine extremely reliable and safe. The materials used (ABS, polycarbonate, and polyamide) ensure the long-lasting life of the UCP over time.

  • Ecological
  • Economic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Versatility of installation
Technical specs
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