Centrifugal Humidifier


The UCP Fly is a compact unit composed of a single motor that ventilates, humidifies and cools the climate. Thanks to its materials, UCP Fly is resistant to corrosion and even fits perfectly in the most hostile environments. Ideal for use in breeding premises of small and medium-sized as enclosures, hatcheries, poultry farms and in all cases where there is a need to lower the temperature or spray disinfectants. In agriculture, UCP Fly humidifies mushroom farms, cools fridges and storage units, as well as it enhances disinfectant treatments. In the industrial sector, UCP Fly is perfect to keep the humidity stable and under control at all times.


The plug&play compact humidifier

Three versions for all situations

H15 quiet and low air flow for civil applications. H20 average flow for industial applications. H25 for livestock applications.

Ready to rock!

Thanks to the support brackets, UCP Fly is simple to install and is immediately ready to be used.


High efficiency with low power consumption

UCP Fly atomizes and airs up to 25 l/h with only 250W. Three models supply airflows from 750 to 1800 m3/ h. Its materials make it long lasting and durable.

  • Single engine
  • No nozzles needed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
Technical specs
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