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Industrial air conditioning

An ideal climate can greatly improve both workers’ well-being and comfort, as well as goods conservation within the manufacturing sector.  For the workers, the processes and the materials being worked on, the right temperature and humidity ensure constant quality and production throughout the year. Thanks to the machines that regulate temperature and humidity, it is possible to obtain the best climate based on the workspace or storage unit, from industrial warehouses to handicraft laboratories and workshops.

industrial production & storage

industrial warehouses • wineries • cellars • printing houses • dairies • workshops • factories

Ecotech equipment for industrial air treatment


Hot water powered heaters for all environments.


Professional centrifugal humidifiers for industrial use.


State-of-the-art adiabatic coolers for small and large venues.

Fans & ventilation

All sizes fans and ventilators for industrial air exchange and circulation.


Heating for warehouses, factories and industrial spaces.

In certain climatic circumstances, it is necessary to raise the temperature to create ideal working conditions. To efficiently and ecologically heat the environment in multipurpose venues, we provide a series of unit heaters, fan-jet exchangers, and hot water destratifiers with various thermal powers (from 10kW to 100kW) and airflow rates (from 2,000m3/h to 10,000 m3/h). This type of equipment guarantees extremely high performance & efficiency and can be installed in all kinds of setups, from the smallest rooms up to large shopping centers and industrial warehouses.

Heating Solutions

heating industrial franco hot water
Hot water powered
Cataphoresis' exchanger
Vertical or horizontal
AP Max
Hot water powered
Cataphoresis' exchanger
Great for large spaces

Maintaining the right humidity

Proper processes functioning of machines in industries such as wood, paper, and tobacco require a minimum level of air humidity. Usually, if this condition is not met, the risk of damaging the product or production line is very high. Our full range of humidifiers will help you achieve and maintain the right conditions and ensure the highest standards of productivity.


Easy to install
No nozzles
Top efficiency
Easy to install
No nozzles
u series cooling franco
UX and UF
Double engine
Easy to install
No nozzles
Portable Humidification
4 Models
Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain
No nozzles
ranco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)
Low Cost

Perfect cooling for industrial spaces, cellars and storage units

Rising temperatures in recent decades have made it imperative to install cooling systems to allow workers to be more productive and materials and processes to remain undamaged. Low performance due to poor air conditioning in industrial buildings can impact business profitability. The right temperature can be achieved and maintained via ecological and efficient systems that use water evaporation through evaporative panels. The lowest costs and greatest yields.

Cooling Solutions

Roof Cooler
Compact Unit
Roof or wall installation
Franco Pad cooler evaporative cooling greenhouses industry
Pad Cooler
Modular System
High efficiency
Integrated tank
ranco Nebbia cooling cattle (2)
Low Cost
Indoor installation
UX and UF
No nozzles
Easy to install

Fans and ventilation for factories and warehouses

An optimal industrial ventilation is essential to obtain the best performances within your production cycle. For the need of air circulation and exchange, you can use forced ventilation that guarantees the air conditioning of the environment with the installation of extractor fans. Thanks to the continuous air flow they are able to eliminate hot and humid air, allowing the entry of dry and fresh air reducing the likelihood of dangerous stagnation of moisture and the rise of high temperatures. If necessary, they can be combined with adiabatic cooling systems.


Franco ventilation series k extractor greenhouses
K - Extractors
56" cone version
Customizable diameters
Certified Performance
Franco k series circulators ventilation animal farms cattle
K - Circulators
Perallunam Fins
Customizable diameters
Stainless steel versions
Franco ACF - Circulators Agriculture Greenhouses
ACF - Circulators
Very silent
Easy to install
18" to 26" diameters
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