Sanitization and hygienization of rooms and venues

Sanitization and disinfection are needs that apply to numerous sectors, from breeding farms to industrial spaces and products’ storage units. The nebulization of sanitizing products together with water is a practice in use in zootechny to ensure animal welfare, in the industrial sector to make the environment healthier, and in the civil sector for the most common needs of microbial abatement.


sterilization • disinfection • cleansing • purification • fumigation • decontamination

Equipment for air sanitization and disinfection


Disinfect and sanitize rooms and spaces

Nowadays more than ever, it is become essential to sanitize ambients before, during, or after their usage. From restaurants to gyms, from factories to storage units, purification and cleansing of rooms and spaces can be done in an ecological, rapid, and effective way thanks to a range of machines, including portable & easy-to-move versions, that ensure an optimal treatment in any sector.


The UCP Fly humidifier is a compact unit that ventilates and humidifies air with low cost and consumption.

UX and UF

The UCP humidifier combined with a steel circulator provides maximum flexibility of use in humidification and cooling.

Portable humidification

For your sanitizing, humidification and cooling needs, a series of plug-and-play mobile machines with tanks.


PH is the plug and play professional humidifier that produces superior quality fine mist.

Franco Nebbia cooling cattle


Ultra-fine high-pressure mist for outdoor environments and greenhouses.

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