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Covid -19: Sanitizing Rooms and Surfaces

The health emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our habits, making regular cleaning followed by surface disinfection key elements in preventing and containing the spread of the virus.

The sanitization procedures to be put in place to protect the health of workers and users who access the premises, against the spread of Covid-19 are facilitated if you have the ability to spray in the air disinfectant solutions that can neutralize the “Droplet” or droplets that a person expels while talking, coughing, sneezing or simply breathing. These particles travel in the air for short distances and can be deposited on objects or surfaces, which then become a source of spread of the virus.

In many activities such as bars, restaurants and gyms, it is essential to sanitize the environment to ensure that customers have the hygienic conditions necessary to prevent contagion.

Even in workplaces, it is necessary to ensure optimal sanitation conditions to avoid outbreaks of SARS-CoV2 among workers.


Gyms • Restaurants • Terraces • Schools • Rooms

Sanitation and disinfection of spaces and venues

Bars & restaurants

In establishments such as restaurants, lounges, bars, etc., the risk of covid-19 contagion is high, given the flow of visitors. Thanks to the sanitization of the premises with special machines, it is possible to prevent contagion by spraying solutions capable of neutralizing the virus.


To keep gyms and sports centers hygienic and healthy for operators and customers it is important to use the right machines with the correct products.


The interventions that have been shown to be most effective in fighting COVID-19 infection in the workplace, in addition to social distancing, are cleaning and sanitizing practices. However, even sanitizing requires special equipment and products to protect workers' health.

Covid-19 Sanitizing

Disinfect and sanitize in an ecological way

To prevent contagion from coronavirus, it has become essential to sanitize environments before, during and after their use. From restaurants to gyms, from factories to warehouses, the purification and cleaning of rooms and spaces can be done ecologically, quickly, and effectively thanks to a range of machines, including portable ones, that guarantee optimal treatment in any area.

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