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Come prevenire l'influenza aviaria negli allevamenti Poultry

5 interesting questions and answers about Avian Influenza

Avian flu is a disease that worries many farmers; here are 5 questions we answered to keep you better informed.

Animal FarmsHealth & Wellness

How can a pig breathe through its rectum?

Discover the curious discovery resulting from a Japanese medical research. Pigs can breathe through their rectum and help progress in the fight against Covid-19!

Autoregolzione termica delle api nell'alveare Animal Farms

How do bees survive the heat?

Bees have developed a very unique adaptation to the heat. In celebration of World Bee Day, let’s find out how they adapt to the muggy summer weather to ensure their survival.

Stress da caldo delle mucche come prevenirlo Animal FarmsCattle

Heat stress in cattle: the ultimate guide to preventing it

What are the signs of heat stress in cattle? We carefully observe cattle and employ strategies to prevent this distressing condition and ensure the animal’s well-being.

Spirulina per galline e polli Animal FarmsPoultry

Discover spirulina, a potential ingredient for the poultry feed of the future

Spirulina is widely used as a supplement in human nutrition, but what benefits could it have if it were integrated into poultry feed? Let’s analyze its possible use in poultry farming.

Flies disturb a cow Animal FarmsCattle

Flies in cattle farms: natural prevention methods

The most annoying insect on farms, especially cattle farms, is undoubtedly the housefly. It is a nuisance for both animals and breeders. It is very important to control its spread, to avoid behavioral disorders of the animal and the transmission of pathogens.

Insilato di mais per alimentazione dei suini Animal FarmsPigs

Feeding pigs: 5 tips for preserving corn and avoiding the spread of mycotoxins

The use of foods contaminated with fungi and mold undermines not only animal health, but human health as well. Learn best practices for avoiding mycotoxin contamination of your crop.

galline e polli in pollaio riscaldato Animal FarmsPoultry

How to put new hens in the coop: 7 tricks to implement

7 effective methods to avoid cannibalism between two groups of poultry and ensure optimal coexistence in the poultry house.

Animal FarmsPoultry

Hock burns, a disease to be eliminated for the welfare of chickens

Hock burns is a kind of pathology that can affect the feet of broilers, chickens and other birds in poultry farms. The main cause of this disease is prolonged contact with ammonia-rich excrements.

Franco-pigs-asf-african-swine-fever.jpg Animal FarmsPigs

The global war on ASF: how to keep pig farms safe from the African Swine Fever.

ASF is currently the most feared disease by pig farmers from around the globe. Here’s how farms and swines breeding facilities can fight this invisible enemy.

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