On April 22 we celebrate World Earth Day, we have selected for you some online events not to be missed.

What is the World Earth Day

Earth Day, is the official day dedicated to environmental awareness and protection of our planet. It is celebrated every year on April 22 since 1970, so we arrived at the 51st edition. It is the event that historically has managed to mobilize more people in the fight against climate change, with over 1 billion people involved each year.

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The history of Earth Day

The institution of this day is due to the American peace activist John McConnell. In 1970, a time of great pacifist and ecological mobilizations, he proposed to dedicate one day a year to our planet. At first, the celebrations of this day took place only in the United States, but since 1990 the event has become international, involving more than 150 nations each year.

Earth Day is an opportunity for the world population to reflect on the actions in favor of climate protection, the innovation of science, the education of youth and all communities against all forms of pollution.

The theme of Earth Day 2021

This year, for the second year in a row, the celebrations will take place online, in the impossibility of creating large street events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s theme is : Restore Our Planet. A title that emphasizes the negative impact of mankind on the health of our planet, calling on each individual to take action to make the Earth shine as it once did.

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Online experiences to watch:

Food for Earth: the digital marathon organized by FAO and the Future Food institute on the regenerative power of food systems for the benefit of the Earth. The duration of the event is 24 hours, during which you can watch numerous testimonies of entrepreneurs, researchers and journalists on the best ways to produce food in a more sustainable way. The event will be broadcast live on the Future Food Institute Youtube channel.

Restore Your Home-A Roadmap to Reduce Toxins in your Home that could be Causing Cancer A reflection on the pollutants present in our homes, from the products we consume, clothes, toys, make-up to the furniture, walls, etc.. During the event people will talk about how to change our daily habits to live with healthier products. To participate: https://thegreenlivinggurus.com/ at 7pm (EST).

Restoring Our Earth: Preventing and Managing Food Waste Indiana recycling will share ways to fight food waste You’ll learn effective ways to combat food waste, how partners like Kroger are working to prevent food waste and address hunger in Indiana, and meet some folks who are taking composting to new heights in their community.

The sustainability of Franco S.r.l

Respect for nature has been a priority for us since we established our company. We care about the research and development of new technologies with the lowest possible environmental impact. In addition, we have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of our headquarters to improve energy efficiency by avoiding the consumption of non-renewable energy. Our world is a unique place where human beings and nature are united by a strong bond. Today is therefore a special day for us too, although we are well aware of the importance of making daily choices that do not damage our wonderful planet. Long live the Earth!

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