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Assorbitore ad acqua calda Energy Saving

How to cool your facilities using hot water

Hot water absorption chillers can be used to recycle hot water from industrial processes or biogas plants in greenhouses and farms.

Manutenzione impianti raffrescamento adiabatico Health & Wellness

What to do before turning cooling systems back on at the farm?

Evaporative cooling systems are a place where risky human health pathogens like Legionella can develop. Find out what to do before cooling your facilities.

bifacial solar panels used in agricultural fields RenewablesSustainability

Bifacial photovoltaic modules, what are their characteristics and why to install them

Bifacial photovoltaic panels are more performing than the single-sided ones, find out how they work and why to install them in your farm

AgricultureEnergy SavingSustainability

What are the advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic greenhouses?

Clean energy and savings, but also surface shading. In what cases is it suitable to install photovoltaic panels on greenhouses? Let’s find out in this article.

Risparmiare energia in fattorie serre e capannoni Animal FarmsEnergy Saving

Reducing energy consumption on the farm: 6 effective tips

In agricultural facilities, electricity consumption is one of the primary sources of expenses, so it is important to adopt simple solutions to save money

extensive and intensive green roofs on buildings ArchitectureBiobuildingEnergy Saving

Green Roofs, a trending and eco-friendly solution for thermal regulation of your building

The use of vegetation on the roof of industrial warehouses and residential buildings is an effective way to help air conditioning systems work more efficiently, without overloading energy consumption.

Franco news Green mag Computer smartphone Energy Saving

5 electrical appliances that consume energy even when switched off

With a few little tricks you can save electricity while being kind to the environment and your pocket

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