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vegetables storage humidity and temperature Agriculture

How to manage agricultural products after harvesting? Discover the ideal microclimate for product storage

Relative humidity and storage temperature change depending on the product. Find out the storage values of the main greenhouse vegetables.

Bovino nero giapponese Wagyu CattleFood

Wagyu: the best beef cattle in the world

Wagyu is the Japanese breed of cattle known throughout the world because of its highly marbled meat. It is also the cattle used to produce the renowned Kobe beef. Learn about the characteristics that make Wagyu the best breed of beef cattle in the world.

tarme della farina usate come alimento per l'uomo Animal FarmsFoodInsects

Everything you need to know before setting up a mealworm farm

The nutritional properties make Tenebrio Molitor a potential substitute for meat and legumes in human nutrition, discover the various stages of its growth and the ideal microclimate for its breeding.

Zero waste techniques FoodSustainability

Get rid of plastic for fruits and vegetables – now you can!

Misting is the solution to reducing plastic waste in the supermarket, and one of the benefits is increased product sales, find out why in this article.

freshly harvested kale Food

Kale, 5 good reasons to include it on your shopping list

Kale is the trendy superfood loved by international stars.It is widely used in Nordic countries but in other areas of the planet it is still little known.

Franco conservazione aglio intrecciato Food

Why eating garlic is good for you and how to best store it.

Garlic is a bulb having many properties, used since ancient people as a cure for many pathologies. Which diseases does it help to cure? How to best preserve it in our houses?

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