How to control the spread of Mastitis in cattle

What is the main cause of the spread of mastitis?

Mastitis is an infection in the udder caused by pathogenic bacteria. In dairy cows, it is very important to implement some preventive techniques to avoid the spread of the disease and ensure consistent production of quality milk.

Flies: main cause of the spread of mastitis

In dairy cattle farms, hematophagous flies and horseflies are considered the main vectors of bacteria from one udder to another. In summer, the presence of a high number of infesting flies causes great stress in the animal, which tries to defend itself from the numerous bites.

Methods to avoid the spread of mastitis in the herd - Franco

Prevention methods against mastitis

Flies can find many ideal places to lay their eggs on farms. The main objective is to identify the places of oviposition and prevent flies from entering these places.

Here are some mechanical treatments that can be easily implemented in the farm:

1. Using Air Doors

Air doors are not real doors, but rather fans that are placed at the entrance of the barn positioned to ensure a constant flow of air down and out. It is a very good and low cost method to ensure a reduction of the fly in the farm.

fanfans in stables for fly control

2. The use of UV light lamps

UV light lamps are able to attract flies by killing them. Lamp placement must be strategic. In fact, they must be placed along the path followed by the flies to move inside the structure.
In any case, lamps should never be placed near doors and windows, as they could be a lure for flies coming from outside.
The optimal installation height is 1.5 meters above the ground.

3. Using chemicals

Although their use is recommended only in cases of extreme necessity, the use of chemical products remains the most widely used method in the treatment of infesting flies.

They are divided into larvicides (products that prevent the development of larvae into adults) and adulticides (which in turn can be divided into fly killers and residual effect products that kill adult insects on the walls).

4. Introducing parasitoids

There are some species of insects (such as wasps of the genus Muscidifurax and Spalangia) that exploit the pupae of flies to deposit their eggs. This type of wasp is totally harmless to humans and animals. If you want to know more, we talked about it in more detail in this article.

Mastitis control in Friesian cows - Franco
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