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Duckweed: a plant with countless uses

Duckweed is the smallest plant in the world but don’t be fooled, it has so many applications!

how to cool the greenhouse Agriculture

How to circulate and refresh the air in a greenhouse

Natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation or humid mechanical ventilation, find out which is the best way to circulate and cool air in greenhouses.

Eliminare la botrite nelle serre Agriculture

How to prevent the spread of Botrytis in greenhouses

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that thrives in greenhouses with high humidity levels. Discover some tips to prevent its spread

metodo di agricoltura rigenerativa AgricultureSustainability

4 Effective Methods to Implement Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is better than sustainable farming, find out why in this article and what are the most popular methods to start implementing it on your farm.

Ambienti interni freschi in modo ecosostenibile EnvironmentSustainability

How to refresh your interior with plants

The summer season also brings sultry heat waves, be ready by putting plants in your rooms. An ecological and economical solution to cool down the rooms.

Plants fertilized naturally with compost AgricultureEnvironment

Compost VS Vermicompost: which is better?

Both natural fertilizers are great for fertilizing the soil of open fields and greenhouses, but the two products do not have the same properties and are obtained under different conditions.

Franco agricoltura idroponica Agriculture

Hydroponic agriculture: here is why you should invest in urban farms and how to face the most common diseases of plants grown inside.

Hydroponic farming is a new trend in agriculture. We explain why you should take an interest in this area and what are the main challenges of this growing technique.

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