The Bahamas have always been a popular destination, but there is one island with a curious peculiarity.

Big Major Cay is a small island in the Bahamas with unspoiled nature and clear waters, but in addition to these wonderful features is famous worldwide for its quite uncommon inhabitants. The island is in fact inhabited by a large group of pigs and for this reason its beach has been renamed “Pig Beach”. Visitors who land on the island can come across cute pigs that spend their days swimming together with visitors in the turquoise waters.

Tourists who visit the island every year are free to interact with the pigs who always prove to be very sociable especially if attracted by some ration of food.

The Discovery

Pig Beach owes its notoriety to Eric Cheng, a photographer specializing in underwater shots. In 2003, Mr. Chaeng and his adventure partner Jim Abernety have known about the existence of the swimming pigs, so the two explorers decided to personally verify the news:

“Once we reached the white sandy beach, it was easy to spot the pigs,” says Cheng, “and when the inhabitants bring them food, the pigs dive in and swim to the incoming boats, as if to say hello. It’s quite strange to see pigs roaming around on tropical white sand beaches, but seeing them dive into the water to greet incoming boats is just bizarre.”

Thanks to the photos taken by Cheng, the island has become world famous, increasing the influx of tourists who land on the island every year to enjoy this very special experience.

Esistono diverse leggende che cercano di spiegare la presenza degli animali, la più comune narra che un gruppo di marinai portò sull’isola i maiali con l’intento di tornare per cucinarli in un secondo momento. Tuttavia i marinai non fecero ritorno e i maiali sopravvissero nutrendosi del cibo in eccesso rilasciato dalle imbarcazioni di passaggio. Un’altra leggende meno comune racconta che i maiali siano sopravvissuti ad un naufragio e siano riusciti a nuotare fino a riva.

The Legend

There are many legends that try to explain the presence of animals, the most common one tells that a group of sailors brought pigs to the island with the intention of coming back to cook them at a later time. However, the sailors did not return and the pigs survived by feeding on the excess food released by passing boats.

Another less common legend has it that the pigs survived a shipwreck and managed to swim to shore.

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