Polycarbonate laminated windows for air exchange through natural ventilation in animal farms, greenhouses, and industrial environments. Coming in both manual and automated versions, both featuring anodized aluminum profiles that make the NW perfect for a combined usage with power ventilators, fans, and circulators.



Natural and costless air exchange

Manual or motorized

With a full range of accessories, you can mechanize and control the windows automatically.

For every need

The NW modular windows provide three types of installation: with rocker panels opening, vasistas, and mixed - combining the first two.

Easy to install

The NW windows can be shipped in a special kit with the frame already assembled and ready to install.


Maximum versatility

The system’s modularity allows the assembly of continuous windows for all sizes. The polycarbonate fins are protected from UV rays on both sides. The panels’ frames are made of anodized aluminum in order to ensure robustness and lightness.

  • Easy to install
  • Polycarbonate bolsters
  • Resistant and durable
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